Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Filling in the blanks of a Galway Weekend

Well, as promised here’s the low down on the Galway weekend, what is remembered any who.

Started off in good stead with some Seafood chowder  and vino blanco in Fat Freddies, not the first place that would spring to mind if one was on lookout for really good chowder; but we were feeling nostalgic, and it was a start of a good weekend down memory lane!

Our dinner in the Salthill Hotel was included in our rate. Now usually I give Menu d’hôtel’s a wide birth, having worked in a hotel myself for a summer, but with the Sathill Hotel, it wasn't so bad at all. Both ordering Panko Crumbed prawns, and sirloin steaks. My came as asked…..medium rare, though Alan’s was slightly overcooked for medium. The Desserts unfortunately didn’t match up to expectations and we left both the Black Forrest Gateaux and the Strawberry cheesecake half attempted. They just weren’t worth the calories.

With our bellies full, we sampled all our usually haunts in Quay street, including Supermacs on the corner at 2am, and may I say, my chicken tenders were ‘AMAZING’. Although at that stage of the proceedings of the night, I’m betting that the strawberry cheesecake in the hotel would also be ‘amazing’ also

With delicate heads the following day, we took the day at our leisure and stumbled into town for more chowder and wine, to fill us till tea time. For Dinner, KC Blakes Brassiere was the haunt of choice, having never being there before, I was excited to check it out, and may I say, Wowzers! It did not disappoint! The only disappointment I had was that I never went there when I actually lived in Galway. The starters of seafood platter and tapas of calamari and goats cheese stuffed bell peppers were sublime. Our mains of lemon soles and fries and hake with lobster cream, were outstanding. If I had once criticism it’s that the main course was served too quickly after the starter and I had a major Food Baby as a result, and didn’t leave much room for Vodka Limes, though try, I did!!!

To finish off our culinary visit down memory lane, we met friends for lunch in Da Roberta in Salthill for excellent pizzas, mine with rosemary and feta (surprise)cheese. The place was packed and has the same buzz about it as it did 4 years ago!

So with all that rich fare and supping in places like Neachtans and Sonnys, needless to say up until yesterday it felt like I had just completed a week of Rag Week (heavy drinking week in Uni for those of you not from Ireland). And as nice a time as I had I’m just relieved to be back into my comfortable routine again of low fat cuisine.

Photographing some recipes now, be gentle I'm a virgin!

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