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Along with my passion for food, I absolutely love to travel to different far flung places, with interesting cuisines. I have been very fortunate so far in my life to see a lot of varied cultures and cuisines in my travels. It ain't over yet by a long shot, after Tanzania and Zanzibar (for the lobster of course) for the honeymoon, there is still a wish list needing ticking, i.e. Goa, Sri Lanka, Borneo, Cuba, Canada, Peru, (am I allowed go back to Thailand after already being there more than 7 weeks?!)....

 Please feel feel to comment on recommendations. This page is a really quick synopsis of where I've been, and what I ate and drank, at a push I could google and get ya the names of the nicest restaurants, but decided waaay too much effort on my part, so only by request please!!! Though Vietnam...I have a few!

Okay, so here it is, I have just documented the countries with the good, the bad, and the Drink!!!!
Please note that alot of my European visits were in my younger years where the tipple was more important than the food, i.e. turkey, cyrpus, crete..........


Highlight: Wasn’t too keen on Russian cuisine I must say, but mutton stew was tasty enough I suppose
Dislike: Borcht
Fave Tipple: Baltika IV, V (breakfast on the sranssiberian train), oh and neat vodka of  course


Highlight: Mongolian BBQ in Ulanbataar was simply amazing
Dislike: Horse Milk
Fave Tipple: Gengis Khan Vodka


Highlight: Peking Duck and Mixed meat hot pot
Low Light: Eating in the Irish bar in Bejing for all Ireland foot ball final, rank! Stick with what you know!
Fave Tipple: Rice wine and Heineken

Hong Kong

Highlight: River cruise dinner
Low Light: Food in HK was faultless, something for everyone in the audience
Fave Tipple: Heineken


Highlight: Spring rolls in Little Hanoi, Wild Boar in jungle overnight with Easy Riders. (Vietnam has best cuisine in the World), French bread rolls
Low Light: NONE
Tipple: Saigon Beer


Highlight:Pizzas, that’s all we ate!
Tipple: didn’t drnk


Highlight: Pizza, pastries and milkshakes J Again that’s all we ate
Tipple: Beer Laos


Highlight: Street food, pineapple rice, sweet basil stir fry, fried fish etc etc
Low Light: Not happy with Pad Thai in any place
Tipple: Mojitos, buckets of blue stuff, Tiger Beer


Highlight: Chinese food market in KL
Low Light: None I can remember
Tipple: Heineken


Highlight: Satay chicken
Lowlight: Food hall in shopping district, horrible sinagpore noodles no less
Tipple:  Heineken


Highlight: Baramundi, grouper
Low Light: Crocodile, Yellow Tail Sparkling Wine
Tipple: White wine & Jump juice bar smoothies


Highlight: Fish and chips in Smugglers Cove
Lowlight: simply everything on Ratu Kini Island
Tipple: Fiji Beer


Highlight: crayfish, and green lipped mussels, fresh salads and great fusion cuisine
Low Lights: NZ food was amazing
Tipple: White Wine


Highlight: fish cooked in banana leaves with Indonesian spices, nasi goring of course, Balinese curry
Low Light: none, great food
Tipple: Bintang Beer


Highlight: Excellent meat, and trout, rice and pasta mixed together
Lowlights: A bad advocado sambo was about it
Tipple: White wine, Castillo de Diablo to be precise, went to the vineyard, pisco sours, cocktails


Lowlight: r u crazy?
Tipple: Malbec & pisco sours, and mojitos


Highlight: Engagement, so I actually don’t remember the food
Lowlight: none, (see highlight)
Tipple: Mojitos

France, Paris

Highlight: Crepes, Moroccan restaurant in Paris, Quiche
Lowlights: Possibly the worst restaurant we’ve ever gone to near Notredame Cathedral, microwaved food till it nearly exploded
Tipple: Bordeaux wine

Italy, Venice

Highlight: Pizza, pasta, hmmmmm, icecream!
Low light: none
Tipple: Vento Pinto Grigio, lemoncello

Belgium, Leuvin

Highlight: Chocolate
Lowlight: none to mind
Tipple: Stella Beer

Netherlands, Amsterdam

Highlight: Steak houses
Lowlight: lots of low quality restaurants
Tipple: Heineken

Spain (Various locations)

Highlight: Calamari, tapas, pinchos, paella, fried whitebait, Tall Man Bar Hot dogs & crinkly chips(for nostalgia)
Low Lights: None
Tipple: Torres Wine

Croatia, Dubronvik

Highlights: loads of places with mixed seafood platters, and mussels, ice-cream is amazing
Lowlights: huge disappointment in the Sailing Club restaurant, Truffle overkill!

Poland, Krakow

Highlights: Boar, lots of Italian food actually
Low lights: food was pretty good
Tipple: Polish beers and vodka

Turkey, Kusidasi

Highlights: none
Lowlights: too many
Tipple: Smirrnoff ice

Cyrpus, Ayia Napa

Highlights: lots of good resturants, Mexican, Italian, Indian
Lowlights: lots of bad ones too
Tipple: Fat Frogs

Greece, Crete Island

Highlights: Not a culinary holiday, I’m sure its great, should do it again now that I’m older and wiser. Love greek food
Tipple: Fat Frogs


Highlights: massive portions, fresh blueberry muffins, starbucks, maccie Ds
Lowlights: massive portions
Tipple: Was under 21 L

UK, Various locations

Highlights: the variety of different cuisines available
Lowlights: pies, yuk!!! Too stodgy!
Tipple: anything goes

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