Monday, July 4, 2011

Old Fashioned Tea Party

I’ve been absent of late on posts due to a busy work schedule, and some wedding organisation, this coupled with planning the menu for an old fashioned tea party for my Hen weekend. So anyways, logged back into the matrix now and have tonnes of recipes to talk about. For those of you who may follow me you will know that I do not have a sweet tooth and baking is not my forte at all. But with the Tea Party looming closer, I decided to give baking another try, with the help of my most creative sister Tracy. Plus, it gave me the opportunity to try out my new Magimix food processor, bought for me by my wonderful fiancé. (Yes I realise I’m spoilt).

So the theme for the tea party was 50’s/Stepford Wives. It was great fun to dress up in old fashioned tea party attire, and really get into the spirit of things. Tracy’s extremely talented and creative friend Emma, was appointed art director of the shindig and she came up trumps with paper mache lanterns, old fashioned cushions and vintage style  tea cups and tea pots, which she hung from the lights by ribbons. Tracy selected an amazing flower arrangement and was in charge of the table décor. It was beginning to truly look like a scene from a high society 1950s tea party.

So now for the food, on the menu were both sweet and savoury treats. This is where I come in………..

Cream Pastry Puffs
Pesto Goats cheese rolls
Smoked salmon & cream cheese on soda bread
Chicken & Basil Mayo sandwiches
Love heart Scones
Lemon cupcakes with Pink butter cream frosting
Blueberry cupcakes with blueberry butter cream frosting
Tea buns with iced tops
Chocolate cake
Baileys cheese cake

Irish Tea
Green Tea
Berry Tea
Bellini cocktails

Now I didn’t make everything on the list, but what I did make, I’ll certainly post the recipes, and if I’m lucky the other contributors might share their recipes with me, and in turn I’ll share with you. As you don’t want to miss out on those heart scones and those blueberry cupcakes.

We ate and drank till our bellies were full, it was such an elegant relaxed affair, I enjoyed every minute of it and I hope that all my ladies, especially my Mom & my bridesmaids, Tracy, Lisa and Paula know that I really appreciated all their hard work. Oh, of course, a shout out to Emma for her effort in the area of things arty, and Sarah and Gillian for their yummy contributions to the table.

The fun definitely didn’t stop there, for those of you who think that it sounds like a terribly refined Hen Party. The champagne cruise around the Lakes of Killarney was epic, the mojitos and daquiris delish, the food in Robertinos, scrummy, and the dancing in the Crypt niteclub, hilarious!!!!!!

For those of you looking for something unique to do for a dear friend, then may I recommend an old fashioned tea party! I’m unbelievably calorie conscious, but just this one time I did allow myself to indulge, and boy did I ever!!!!!

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