Thursday, April 21, 2011

Feedback and tips

We'll guys, I'm off on my culinary adventure to the wonderful city of Galway, which I used to live in for 18 months. I'll report back on places of yumminess. I have a few places on the list I really want to revisit, such as Cava tapas bar, and Da Robertas Italian. But I wouldn't mind trying out new places too. I'll keep ye posted. No doubt there'll also be the 3am visits to the Charcoal Grill for chips for serious soakage!!

Now as for the blog, as I had previously stated, I'm completely new to the blog world, so any feedback, words of wisdom or tips of how to make this blog a success would be most grateful.

I can't wait to get home next week so I can start photographing all my recipes thus far. 

Chat soon x

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