Thursday, April 12, 2012

Low Fat Tangy Tapenade

Tapenade is a relatively new love of mine. Whizzed up olives, anchovies and capers!! Who knew?!

In some really nice restaurants tapenade is often served with the butter and the bread basket, all very fancy shmancy. It’s always so darn tasty that I decided to research what ingredient makes the tapenade. The tapenade I talk of does have a large quantity of oil, so I’m determined to make a low fat version that doesn’t compromise on taste. According to Weight Watchers, olives in brine are ‘point free’ as are capers. These are the main ingredients to a tapenade so we are already off to a good start. I think the fat content comes down to the quantity of oil used, so this will be a ‘chunkier’ tapenade, rather than a ‘spread’!!!

Do not be alarmed regarding the anchovies listed in the ingredients. These are vital, do not leave them out. Most people say,‘urgghhh….anchovies!!!’, but to be honest they will melt into the tapenade and if you were not told they were an ingredient upon tasting then you probably wouldn’t have noticed they were there at all. Most people like a good Caesar salad dressing, and there are always anchovies in that. If it helps close you eyes and block your nose when adding them, but people!!!!!!!, seriously!!!! Do not leave them out!

Olives are extremely healthy, for hair and skin, as well as known for reducing the risk of heart disease, which is great news for us, as the tapenade is a really tasty dip. Anchovies are also high omega acids, which are great for all round health.  If you use thin bread sticks or carrot sticks, then it’s not a completely sinful snack. It’s a great recipe for a drinks party or just as a snack on movie night. Why not serve it alongside my low fat hummus and low fat chips. Perfect treats for girls’ night in.


·         1 Jar Olives (stoned), in brine not oil.
·         Thyme leaves from 3-4 sprigs
·         Flat leaf parsley, 3 tbsp
·         Capers, in brine, 50g (drained)
·         6 Anchovies, in brine or blotch first if in oil.
·         Lemon juice of 1 lemon
·         ½ Garlic clove, minced.
·         2 tbsp of olive oil


1.       Pulse everything together in a mini food processor no more than 2-3 times. You want a textured consistency, not a smooth finish.
2.       I would leave the seasoning to the end and stir in by hand according to taste. Black pepper will definitely be a requirement, but be cautious with the salt as olives and anchovies are naturally high in salt.
3.       This should keep in an airtight jar in the fridge for a week.

Tip: There are also great ideas to not only use this tapenade as a dip, but use it as an ingredient. Here are my faves:

1.       Use as a stir-in sauce for pasta.
2.       Spread on crostini and top with mozzarella
3.       Make an incision in a chicken breast and stuff with tapenade, then wrap in parma ham
4.       Spread the inside on a Portobello mushroom with the tapenade, top with mozzarella and sundried tomatoes and bake in the oven.
5.       Top a piece of cod/coley/haddock with tapenade and bake in the oven.
6.       Simply add to mayo or dressings for salads.

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